power sweeping, street sweeping, parking lot cleaning

Power Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping, Parking Lot Cleaning, Road Sweeping, Street Sweeping

We provide daily, multi-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and as-needed sweeping services.


We maintain a fleet of parking lot sweepers, and street sweepers to meet your every need.

Our goal is to keep your property free of unsightly garbage or debris so that it is aesthetically pleasing to your customers and guests, as well as safer for your employees.


Most of our clients prefer their parking lot sweeping to be done in the evenings, after business hours, or when parking lot traffic is light. However we are happy to schedule whatever time is most convenient for you.


Our sweeper trucks provide services to large big box stores, shopping malls, small businesses, grocery stores, storage facilities, home-owner associations, municipalities, mobile home parks, and construction sites.


Parking Lot Sweeping: Six Sweeper Truck Advantages


1. EPA-approved disposal: Sweeper Trucks pick up the debris from your parking lots and roadways for proper disposal.

2. Dust control: Our Sweeper Trucks maintain a water system that coats the debris prior to them being swept, thus alleviating the possibility of excess dust.


3. All weather: Rain or shine, sweepers trucks are designed to sweep in most inclement weather conditions.

4. Convenient: Sweeper Trucks are able to sweep at all hours of any given day due to an array of work lights.

5. Fast and Efficient: Sweeper Trucks get the job done faster than someone just blowing off the parking lot area or roadway.

6. Safe: Our Sweeper Trucks are equipped with visual warning devices which are in use while the work is being done.


Call us at 541-844-5100 541-844-5100 to keep your property clean and free of dirt and debris!

power sweeping, parking lot sweeping, street sweeping