catch basin cleaning, storm drain cleaningCatch-Basin Cleaning

Drainage Basin Cleaning, Storm Drain Cleaning, Drain Line Cleaning

Catch Basins are designed to catch debris from our roads, streets, and parking lots, before they can enter the storm-water drainage system, which usually flows straight into our local creeks, streams, rivers, and other waterways without any treatment to the water.

Many cities require catch-basin cleaning and/or filter replacement a minimum of once per year.


Materials found in Catch Basins are considered regulated waste that may be hazardous to our environment. This is mainly due to the hydro-carbons (gas and oil), antifreeze, asbestos (brake dust) and anything else that may fall off our vehicles and land on the ground.


Also, in the last few years, Zinc has become a large concern due to the detrimental effects that it has on our water. Zinc is used to protect metal from corrosion (roofs, gutters, downspouts, etc.), and it is believed that as these treated metals age they may release the zinc over time. Zinc is also a key ingredient in most moss killers for roof tops, sidewalks, and driveways. From rooftops, to parking lots and streets, Zinc is finding its' way into your nearby catch basin.