Streets. Parking Lots. Buildings. WE KEEP IT CLEAN!

Parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, snow removal, catch basin cleaning | We do the job right the first time! We want our customers to call us again, so we work hard to impress every time. We stand behind our work and we make maintenance easy for our customers. Our goal is to keep your property free of unsightly garbage or debris so that it is welcoming to your customers and safe for your employees.



Power Sweeping


Pressure Washing


Property Maintenance

• Parking lot sweeping
• Street sweeping
• Homeowners' associations
• Apartment complexes
• Roads & highways
• Private driveways
• Mobile home parks
• Malls & shopping centers
• Mills & construction sites
• Commercial and municipal

• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Walkways
• Drive-thrus
• Store fronts
• Pavers
• Decks and fences
• Parking lot bumpers / curbs
• Asphalt and concrete
• Most building surfaces

• De-icing and snow removal
• Snow plowing
• Catch basin cleaning
• Storm drain cleaning
• Lawn maintenance
• Shrubs and planters
• Weed control
• Application of bark, rock, etc.
• Gutter cleaning
• Janitorial services


We want to be YOUR parking lot sweeping and property maintenance service.